A downloadable game

Inspired by Terraria, Forager and Factorio. Collect resources and craft items, and think carefully about how you automate the process. Sell the results and earn money to stay alive! (Made in 1 week for the 7th libgdx jam held in April! )

Give me your thoughts about the game, I may expand this concept into a full game.

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upside-down-forager-0.1.2.jar 14 MB


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make it a full game

cool game 


If you plan to make it a full game then you probably need to get rid of the "pay or dead system" because that's making the game an arcade game and arcade games rarely are full games

I would make it a "pay to progress" or "pay now for reward" system



make this into a full game


This game was very fun to play, I was hooked! Fantastic work for a one week jam!