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nvm it does not work

It works for me

i cant download it for some reason it say "cannot read property of undefined" it does this for some games as well :(

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hey i wanted to know 

what coding language this game was made in 


i think i dont know


make it a full game

cool game 


If you plan to make it a full game then you probably need to get rid of the "pay or dead system" because that's making the game an arcade game and arcade games rarely are full games

I would make it a "pay to progress" or "pay now for reward" system

I agree. Paying to not die gives it a lot of tension. Which is at odds with having to explore to figure out what things cost, how to make new items, and gathering resources. It could work as an arcade game, but things would need to be more immediately obvious to avoid wasting time.



make this into a full game


This game was very fun to play, I was hooked! Fantastic work for a one week jam!